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Trello integrations boost team collaboration app

SaaS application Trello integrates with dozens of third-party apps, including Box, Google Drive and Slack, to help users streamline their workflows and collaborate more efficiently.

As tech-savvy users seek ways to collaborate more efficiently, Trello is making inroads in the business world.

This SaaS application aims to streamline the workflow of daily tasks and large projects through a system of what are called boards and cards. Users create a board for a specific process and then divide it into columns (known as lists) for each stage of the workflow.

A marketing team, for example, could create a board for managing the company's blog, with lists that represent the steps needed to post an article: Come up with a topic, assign it to a writer, edit it and publish it. Users create a new card for each article idea and move it from left to right through these lists as each step is completed.

Clicking on a card allows users to collaborate through a variety of features. They can comment on the task, assign it a due date, attach a file to it and more. Additionally, Trello integrates with dozens of third-party apps to provide additional functionality. Trello integrations, called Power-Ups, include Box, Dropbox and Google Drive for file sharing; Slack and Google Hangouts for chat; and even Zendesk for IT pros to track help desk tickets.

Trello editions
Trello editions

Trello is available in free and paid editions for Apple iOS, Google Android and the web. All editions allow users to create unlimited boards, lists and cards, but the paid versions give IT more Trello integrations, control over user access and data security, plus additional support.

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