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Top 10 Citrix ShareFile features

Attendees at Citrix Synergy 2015 learned about the top ShareFile features IT can’t live without, including XenMobile and Office 365 integration and optimization for virtual desktops.

As more employees want to create and share documents from anywhere, anytime, organizations are turning to enterprise...

file sync-and-share products.

Citrix ShareFile got some love at the company’s annual conference. The enterprise file sync-and-share (EFSS) offering will now include third-party data loss prevention (DLP) integration, Office Online integration that allows users to edit documents on a Web browser and a new Platinum Edition with no storage limitations.

A session on ShareFile’s enterprise capabilities shared the top 10 features IT can’t live without – presented in David Letterman Top 10 List style. Here’s the countdown:

10. Flexible storage options. There are several ways IT can store files from ShareFile: in Citrix’s public cloud where the vendor manages that storage, or in the organization’s own private cloud. Shops can also use an existing on-premises storage device.

9. Data protection. To protect corporate data, ShareFile has built-in access control policies that let IT determine how users can access and share data. Restricted StorageZones keep information encrypted and hidden from Citrix. Upcoming DLP integration from third-party security vendors will also boost security by ensuring that IT doesn’t have to manage multiple DLP policies across zones.

8. Active Directory integration. Many organizations want to make sure ShareFile ties into their Active Directory (AD) infrastructure. The user management tool allows admins to manage users and user groups directly in ShareFile and link them to AD. ShareFile’s authentication process means that when users log in, they do so with their company credentials, and that’s linked with IT’s identity management technology.

7. Optimization for virtual desktops. ShareFile works with XenDesktop and XenApp to let users access ShareFile data from those desktops and apps. The on-demand sync feature ensures that files are only stored and saved when necessary, so files don’t take up too much space.

“When you’re in a virtual desktop, you have very specific demands for storage and I/O power,” Peter Schulz, senior product manager for ShareFile at Citrix, said.

6. XenMobile integration. This integration allows users to have single sign-on through the Worx Home app, for instance, which then uses XenMobile as the authentication provider.

5. Open APIs. Citrix offers built-in open APIs to let customers build custom apps to integrate with their own business processes. If the organization doesn’t have developers who can do that, Citrix has built software development kits (SDKs) for customer use.

4. Outlook integration. IT can set a number of different policies to manage Microsoft Outlook files, including the ability to automatically convert email attachments to ShareFile documents. Users can either download or view and edit those documents on the Web.

3. Office 365 integration. Users can now edit files in a browser using Office 365. Just take note that they’ll need an Office 365 login to do so.

2. Mobile apps. There is a ShareFile mobile app for every mobile platform. Citrix also provides Worx Edit and new app called Slide Stream for viewing presentations on a phone and presenting them to any monitor.

“You can advance slides with the Apple Watch, so you don’t even need a clicker,” Schulz said.

1. Execution. This isn’t really a feature, but Citrix’s continuing vision for ShareFile based on feedback from customers keeps this offering at the top of the EFSS game. There are plenty of consumer cloud storage and sharing services out there, but enterprise organizations need something more. With secure access and sharing limitations, ShareFile is one viable option for companies that want to regulate employee collaboration.

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