The best Palm Pre accessories: Add-ons, batteries, chargers and more

Looking for the best Palm Pre accessories to customize your new smartphone? This chapter from the book "How to do Everything: Palm Pre" showcases products that can help you get more out of your device, and give it some personality to boot.

The cover of the book <I>How to do Everything: Palm Pre</i> by Rick Broida and Dave Johnson, published by McGraw-Hill Professional. This chapter details the numerous Palm Pre accessories available to personalize your Palm Pre phone.

In this chapter from How to do Everything: Palm Pre, you'll learn how to pick the right Palm Pre accessories to help you get the most out of your new smartphone, built using the Palm webOS platform.

Other smartphones may have a longer history, but accessory makers have taken to the Palm Pre phone with relish, releasing numerous complementary products and extra features that allow you to customize your device however you'd like. This chapter highlights some of the best available Palm Pre accessories, offering you information on where to find high-quality cases, docks, headsets, battery chargers and more -- and how to make sure you're landing the merchandise you want at the best possible price.

Download the PDF of "Accessorizing Your Pre" from the book How to do Everything: Palm Pre here.

Reproduced from the book How to do Everything: Palm Pre by Rick Broida and Dave Johnson (ISBN-10: 0071639527; ISBN-13: 978-0071639521). Copyright 2010, McGraw-Hill Professional. All rights reserved. For more information about this and other similar titles, visit McGraw-Hill Professional.

About the book:

In How to Do Everything: Palm Pre, authors Rick Broida and Dave Johnson have compiled a one-stop resource for configuring and customizing your Palm Pre smartphone. The book provides the information you need to select Palm Pre accessories that will help you navigate the Pre's interface, connect to multiple data sources, upload information like contacts and calendar items, effectively use the device's phone, email and messaging features, and more.

Pick up How to do Everything: Palm Pre to read more about:

  • Getting to know your Palm Pre;
  • Connecting your Pre to your data;
  • Making calls with your Pre;
  • Using the Pre's built-in programs;
  • Using the Pre on the go;
  • Surfing the Web on your Pre;
  • Listening to music on your Pre;
  • Taking photos with the Pre;
  • Accessorizing your Pre; and
  • Troubleshooting any problems that might arise with your Pre.

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