Smartphone transition: Breaking up is hard to do

Switching smartphones is not always an easy process as described by one editor from personal experience.

Switching smartphones is not always an easy process. After many months with a smartphone, I'm getting a new one. For one reason or another, this move feels a lot like leaving an old marriage. I was at a place where I was comfortable. We knew what to expect from one another, and even worked around our differences to a point where we appreciated what wasn't there. But we both knew that a time to move on was coming.

Since getting my hands into the Symbian/S60 platform earlier this year with the Nokia N95, I have been dabbling with the idea of moving from a Palm OS device to a Symbian S60 or UIQ one.

Now, don't get me wrong, there is almost nothing wrong with my Treo 680. I like it a lot actually. I'm even looking forward to the firmware update to see what it will address, and if it can make a solid device even better. But at the same time, its like a marriage where nothing new has happened for so long that I am tired. Tired of compromises, tired of looking at the faster, slicker grass on the other side of the fence, and at least hoping for something that could make my grass seem a bit better.

But with the Palm OS, there is no Miracle-Gro coming. It is what it is (and if you aren't convinced, the Centro really isn't that much different than the Treo 650, though many years separate them). I've wanted 3G, I wanted a touchscreen in a smaller, thinner design, and I've wanted a user interface that didn't make me want to throw my smartphone against the wall every few seconds.

OK, so Symbian misses on the last point a bit, but for the rest, it's a very solid place to start. So I have. I now have a Nokia N75. It is a mid-range, 3G handset, and for a while was sold by AT&T here in the U.S. What it offers is the ability to try something new; for example it's not a QWERTY device. But there are holes, and much of which I will have to look at third party solutions to fill.

That being said, my Treo 680 is still in my pocket, albeit without a SIM card in it. There's a bit of information in text messages that I need still, and the N75 doesn't have all of the programs on it that I need to get rolling along.

It's weird. I've seen myself moving on, but until now, it just hasn't happened. And now that it has, I guess that I need to get comfortable in a new bed.

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