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Samsung S Pen boosts business productivity on Galaxy Note5

The Samsung Galaxy Note5 is a worthy smartphone for enterprise users, complete with a more natural-feeling S Pen and strong charging capability.

There is no smartphone better built for productivity than the Galaxy Note5, thanks to the Samsung S Pen -- an active stylus that slots into the 5.7-inch Android smartphone -- and true, native PDF editing capabilities.

Samsung worked hard to incorporate the S Pen’s specialty software into Android, so working with the Pen feel more organic and natural. Not to mention, the Note5 is one of the most powerful smartphones on the market and has a stunning display.

The Samsung Galaxy Note5 has a 5.7-inch AMOLED display with 2560 x 1440 , which is excellent at cutting through glare. It measures 6.03 x 3 x 0.3 inches, weighing just 0.37 pounds, it and features 4 GB of RAM. The phone ships with Android 5.1.1, and it sports a fingerprint scanner, USB 2.0 port and 3000 mAh battery that should keep users connected for at least a day. Samsung claims the Note5 can charge to 50% capacity after only 30 minutes plugged in.

The Samsung S Pen, power and display should be enough for business users, and the built-in Knox Active Protection will certainly please IT admins. features include expanded shared devices support, audit log capabilities, near field communication support for enrolling devices and the ability to change Active Directory passwords from the device.

Samsung Galaxy Note5

Enterprise users will likely lament Samsung’s decision to go with a unibody design, however. Sure, it looks slick, but that comes at the cost of a user-replaceable battery and microSD storage expansion. That design makes sense for more consumer-targeted devices like the Galaxy S6 and S6 edge models, but business users looking at the Note5 would sacrifice some style for increased utility.  

Still, productivity doesn’t come cheap. The Samsung Galaxy Note5 starts at around $700 for the 32 GB version and $800 for 64 GB, depending on the carrier.

This article originally appeared in the October issue of the Modern Mobility e-zine.

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