Nokia E62 thin mobile productivity device

In this product review, John Shepler weighs in on Nokia's new E62 mobile device for Cingular Wireless.

Say, is that new mobile device a BlackBerry or a Palm? Wait a second. From the side it looks as slim as a RAZR phone or BlackBerry PEARL. What is it?

You have not seen this type of smartphone before. It's the all new Nokia E62 mobile device for Cingular Wireless. The silver chassis has a resemblance to the Palm Treo, with a full QWERTY keyboard located below a large rectangular color screen. The full keyset might also have you thinking this is a BlackBerry product. Oh, it supports BlackBerry email all right. But it's a Nokia. Call it a PDA, a mobile productivity device or a smartphone if you like. It handles all of these tasks and more.

The first technology advancement you'll notice is the form factor. The Nokia E62 is just 0.6 inches case thickness. This puts it in the same league the BlackBerry Pearl and the slimmer cell phone designs. Other dimensions are 4.6 inches tall and 2.8 inches wide. This is a 5 ounce package for easy portability.

What you won't notice is a protruding antenna. Communications electronics are completely internal, including quad band GSM cell phone capability, Cingular EDGE cellular broadband (to 144 Kbps) and Bluetooth wireless. This Bluetooth supports both wireless headphones and synching your calendar over-the-air. In fact PC synchronization options include USB cable, infrared, Bluetooth and over-the-air via BlackBerry Server.

Email deserves special mention. The full featured email supports both BlackBerry Connect and Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync. This is in addition to the the standard POP3 email. Up to 10 accounts are supported.

Equally valuable to road warriors is the ability to both view and edit email attachments in Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint. Viewing support is provided for PDFs. Zip file support is also included.

SMS and multimedia messaging come standard. Also included are instant messenger clients for AOL, Yahoo! and ICQ. The E62 allows you to send a slideshow to other SMIL (Synchronized Media Integration Language) compatible phones. Web browsing is done using a full HTML web browser. The phone book is organized to allow multiple numbers per name, email addresses, web address, IM handle and more for each of your contacts.

The full QWERTY keyboard will be appreciated for extensive text creating and editing. The color main display measures 320 x 240 pixels and displays over 16.7 million colors. An enhancement to the display electronics is an ambient light sensor that will adjust display brightness to save battery life.

All of these features run on a Symbian 9.1 operating system with Java application platform. The processor is a Series 60 r3 Texas Instruments processor running at 235 MHz. Built-in memory is 80 MB with miniSD card expandability to 2 GB.

Battery life wasn't compromised to include this advanced technology in such a slim package. Talk time is rated at up to 330 minutes or 5.5 hours. Standby time is up to 336 hours or a full two weeks away from the charger.

Learn more about the Nokia E62 with Cingular Wireless service now. Or, if you prefer another model wireless device or cell phone you can find what you are looking for at Cell Phone Plans Finder.

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