Mobile operating systems to get Mozilla Firefox version

Mozilla recently announced it would develop mobile versions of Firefox for different mobile operating systems.

Mozilla recently announced it would develop mobile versions of Firefox for different mobile operating systems. The Mozilla Corporation promised to devote much more time and resources to a version of its web browser for smartphones.

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At that time, though, it didn't specify which mobile operating systems would be getting a version of Firefox. This has now changed.

Christian Sejersen, who is heading up this project, has added a post to his blog that lists the OSs that are being targeted.

There is already a version of Mobile Firefox for Maemo, the version of Linux being run by the Nokia N800 Internet Tablet. Mozilla is also considering updating this for the Nokia N810.

But it isn't going to stop there. Sejersen also says a version for Microsoft's Windows Mobile 6 is in development that will be available soon.

Goals for Mobile Firefox

In his blog post, Sejersen lays out the current goals for Firefox mobile:

  1. provide Mozilla's standards-based open-source browser engine, optimized for mobile, that can be embedded by device manufacturers and others;
  2. produce a full-featured mobile browser including support for XUL-based add-ons, delivering on Firefox's key principles of ease-of-use, security and accessibility;
  3. grow the Mozilla community in the mobile space;
  4. provide tools and documentation to help developers develop, debug and deploy web applications; and
  5. do all of this work in the shared Mozilla source repositories so all platforms, desktop and mobile benefit each other.
This was last published in December 2007

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