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MBaaS links mobile apps with legacy infrastructure

In this podcast, we chat with the CEO of MBaaS provider Kinvey about why he thinks MBaaS is key to keeping up with modern mobility.

Enterprise mobile apps are useless if they can't access corporate data or back-end systems. And building that access into apps isn't always easy.

Enter mobile backend as a service (MBaaS), a cloud-based approach that uses application programming interfaces to bridge the gap between legacy infrastructure and modern front ends. We spoke with Sravish Sridhar, CEO of MBaaS provider Kinvey, about this emerging technology. Sridhar founded Kinvey in 2010; the company now has close to 50 employees and several high-profile customers in the pharmaceutical, energy and manufacturing, and media and entertainment industries.

What does modern mobility mean to you?

Sravish Sridhar: People that use technology to improve their lives are starting to do it more on the go. Modern mobility is all about, how do you bring value to an end user where they are, when they want [it] and in a very useful, contextual and precise manner?

What are the biggest challenges facing your customers?

Sridhar: The space is moving really fast, and it's really hard for them to figure out what the right solution is, what the right technology is, what the right skill set is. They still don't know what these use cases and applications are going to be. They're trying to come up with a strategy that almost has to predict the unknown. Because mobility is moving so fast, the speed at which both IT and the business has to execute is starting to increase. How do you hire the people and put the new development and release and compliance processes in place?

What challenges do you face at Kinvey?

We can't cater to the lowest common denominator; we have to cater to almost any [app] somebody can throw at us.
Sravish Sridharfounder and CEO of Kinvey

Sridhar: We don't know what kind of apps companies are going to build on us. We can't cater to the lowest common denominator; we have to cater to almost anything somebody can throw at us. Our biggest challenge is a question of being very focused on how we scale the business from a vertical market standpoint.

Do you see a common thread as to why pharmaceutical, energy and media companies are most in need of MBaaS?

Sridhar: In each vertical, there are many business processes that lend [themselves] to on-the-go computing. Pharmaceutical, for example, they have field sales reps, consumers that are on the go, people in factories and warehouses documenting and managing inventory. And the same applies for all of the other verticals.

Listen to the full interview in this clip from the Modern Mobility Podcast:

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