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Legacy apps will keep Windows PCs alive: A #CoITchat recap

Windows PCs will stay alive in the enterprise thanks to legacy apps, but they'll also have to change, say participants in our latest #CoITchat.

Windows PCs are no longer the only computing devices in the enterprise, and that one fact has major ramifications for IT departments and business leaders.

Smartphones and tablets offer employees new, more flexible ways to get work done. Microsoft has responded to the enterprise mobility trend with Windows 8 and Windows RT, touchscreen-enabled operating systems that offer two interfaces: one designed for the mobile world and another that resembles that of traditional Windows PCs.

Participants in our recent #CoITchat tweet chat, hosted by @SearchCoIT, discussed the potential of this strategy, the future of Windows PCs and more. Here's a recap of what they had to say:

Do you agree with Microsoft's vision that tablets and PCs will merge?

How significant is the role of legacy applications in keeping Windows PCs alive?

How do you decide when to use Windows PCs or mobile devices?

Thanks again to everyone who participated in our #CoITchat on the future of Windows PCs in the enterprise!

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