How the BYOD trend is changing IT: A #CoITchat recap

Participants in this month's #CoITchat tweet chat debated how to secure and support personal smartphones and tablets in the enterprise.

The BYOD trend is a hot topic in IT, but that doesn't mean there's agreement on how to support and secure personal mobile devices.

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Several debates about bring your own device (BYOD) came to the surface during this month's #CoITchat tweet chat. More than two dozen IT pros, analysts and others participated, and nearly everyone said the BYOD trend is here to stay. But that's about where the agreement and clarity ended.

Our introductory question, "Does your company support BYOD?" led to a discussion on what "support" means. (Hint: It's not the same as "allow.")

In response to our next question, "Is BYOD a fad or is it here to stay?" another question came up: What exactly does the term "BYOD" refer to?

Another goal of the #CoITchat is to perform a reality check and find out how the BYOD trend and other consumer technologies affect IT departments. To that end, we asked, "How has BYOD changed your approach to security?" As expected, answers varied widely:

A popular security topic is the use of containers to segregate and protect corporate data and applications, and the chat ended with a discussion of that technology. Some were in favor:

While others had reservations:

Check in early May for details on next month's #CoITchat.

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