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Foster care agency goes mobile with Capriza

A foster care contractor needed to improve the way employees report incidents to the state. Enter Capriza, which built a custom mobile app from the nonprofit's legacy software.

The IT pro: Sarah Hemmerling is a business IT program manager at KVC Health Systems, a foster care contractor in Olathe, Kan.

Sarah Hemmerling, KVC Sarah Hemmerling

The problem: KVC is the legal guardian of more than 3,500 children and must report incidents that occur -- emergency room visits or car accidents, for example -- to the state within 24 hours. Employees who file and approve these reports require quick and easy access to the company's legacy software no matter where they are or what time of day it is.

The strategy: KVC used mobile app development software from Capriza to mobilize its desktop application. Capriza built an initial mobile app -- with all the functionality of the desktop app -- to get the nonprofit started right away. The vendor also trained KVC's IT staff on how to build more with its no-code software. KVC has since built 13 additional apps for many different purposes.

The result: KVC uses the app for about half of the four to five critical incidents it reports daily. An employee creates a report and sends it to his or her supervisor, who receives a notification. The state automatically receives an email that says a report is on the way. "The state … knows in real time when things happen," Hemmerling said. It takes about 30 seconds for a supervisor to approve a report through the mobile app, while it took about 10 minutes to start up, log in and approve on a PC. 

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