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Enterprise mobile security: Learn the keys to mobile app/OS protection

As users grow more mobile device-dependent, enterprise mobile security has become imperative. This chapter from "Mobile Application Security" details how to protect devices and safeguard mobile apps.

The cover of the book Mobile Application Security by Himanshu Dwivedi, Chris Clark and David Thiel, published by McGraw-Hill Professional. This chapter explains the importance of enterprise mobile security, offering mobile app and OS security tips for the BlackBerry, Windows Mobile, iPhone and Google Android platforms.In this chapter from Mobile Application Security, you'll learn about the numerous enterprise mobile security features, support functions and applications available on four major mobile platforms -- BlackBerry OS, Windows Mobile, iPhone OS and Google Android.

Users migrate to mobile devices for a variety of reasons, but mobile app and operating system (OS) security is absolutely imperative for enterprise users. Mobile devices used in the corporate world often hold sensitive or confidential data, which means security requirements for enterprise users differ drastically from those of standard personal consumers.

This chapter provides a wealth of information on enterprise mobile security options, as well as details on how to secure local storage and enforce security policies on different platforms, in-depth information on encryption, mobile app sandboxing, signing and permissions, and more.

Download the PDF of "Enterprise Security on the Mobile OS" from the book Mobile Application Security here.

Reproduced from the book Mobile Application Security by Himanshu Dwivedi, Chris Clark and David Thiel (ISBN-10: 0071633561; ISBN-13: 978-0071633567). Copyright 2010, McGraw-Hill Professional. All rights reserved. For more information about this and other similar titles, visit McGraw-Hill Professional.

About the book:

In Mobile Application Security, authors Himanshu Dwivedi, Chris Clark and David Thiel provide a practical guide designed to help you implement a systematic approach to security in your mobile app development. Featuring case studies, code examples and best practices, Mobile Application Security details -– among other subjects -- how to protect against vulnerabilities in popular smartphone and PDA platforms and how to lock down storage, encrypt user information and safeguard against viruses, worms and malware.

Pick up Mobile Application Security to read more about:

  • Major mobile app issues and development strategies.
  • Using the Google Android emulator, debugger and third-party security tools.
  • Configuring Apple iPhone APIs to prevent overflow and SQL injection attacks.
  • Employing private and public key cryptography on Windows Mobile devices.
  • Enforcing enterprise mobile security policies using the BlackBerry Enterprise Server.
  • Addressing enterprise mobile security concerns in Java Mobile Edition, SymbianOS and WebOS applications.
  • WAP and mobile HTML security.
  • Bluetooth device security.
  • SMS security concerns.
  • Mobile geolocation.
  • Enterprise mobile security on the mobile OS.

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