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Enterprise mobile purchasing trends for 2015

What's driving IT's phone and tablet selections? Are EMM and 2-in-1 devices catching on? The results of our mobile purchasing survey have the answers.

As adoption of mobile devices continues its meteoric rise, it's increasingly difficult for IT to balance control, security, cost considerations and the need to increase user productivity.

Where IT pros fall on this spectrum often determines how they make their mobile purchasing decisions, according to the results of a recent TechTarget survey of 747 IT respondents. There are stark differences in the smartphone purchasing trends of cost-conscious IT pros, compared to those focused on maintaining control, for example. And the drivers for tablet purchases are different as well, depending upon whether the buyer is a first-timer or in the process of a product refresh.

The enterprise mobile purchasing survey results also indicate just how early the market is for two hot topics: convertible tablets (also known as 2-in-1 PCs) and enterprise mobility management, or EMM.

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I’m also curious to see how the 2-in-1 devices play out in mobile purchasing. I think they’ll become a major player in the near future. I like that they offer the versatility of both a PC and a tablet because there are certain scenarios better suited for a tablet and vice versa. In those scenarios, it makes fiscal sense to buy a single device that can perform either function. On the other hand, they are still fairly new to the market, so dependability could still be an issue, especially with the tendency of some employees to handle their work-provided tools with less than the desired amount of care.