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June 2012, Vol. 2 No. 3

Identity as a Service tools offer IT pros control over BYOD, cloud

Thanks to consumerization and the cloud, one of IT’s biggest challenges today is how to maintain control over end users. New approaches to identity management and application delivery give administrators a way to regain some power. Identity as a Service (IDaaS) platforms can deliver legacy and Web applications to end users through a secure portal while offering IT a way to control which employees access which corporate resources and where. Some IT pros say that the combination of identity management and application delivery could signal the next era of IT management. By 2013, one in five identity access purchases will be a cloud service, according to Gartner, Inc. But IDaaS is in its infancy and only makes sense if it’s part of a business’ overall strategy for the future, said Gregg Kreitzman, vice president of research for identity services at Gartner. “It’s going to be a hybrid world between on-premise and cloud for larger enterprises for a long time because of legacy applications and infrastructure,” Kreitzman said. Identity ...

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  • A reality check on cloud challenges

    by  Lauren Horwitz

    Much has been made of how cloud computing can reduce data center costs and bring greater automation to corporate IT. But vendors—and sometimes even users—focus less on the steps required to achieve this vaunted state.