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June 2016, Vol. 2, No. 6

Why IT should invest in unified endpoint management tools

Market pressure will continue to build and make investing in unified endpoint management (UEM) increasingly important -- particularly as organizations' reliance on mobile application access expands. Chances are the number and diversity of endpoints in your organization is on the rise. Plus, IT must now manage both personal and corporate-owned devices. It seems logical to implement a tool that can automate, regulate and simplify the management of endpoint hardware and software, but most UEM capabilities have come up short. Why? Largely because some large technology vendors lacked mobility management expertise. But others, such as IBM, LANDESK and VMware, have made strategic acquisitions -- Fiberlink, AppSense and AirWatch, respectively -- to address this gap. You're not alone if your organization administers its mobility and access management functions separately from that of its desktop and laptop PCs, but the opportunity to streamline endpoint management is now possible. Use cases for unified endpoint management The Internet of...

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