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June 2016, Vol. 2, No. 6

Hybrid devices stake their claim in the enterprise

Executives at Millar, a medical instruments manufacturer, often work from home or on the road. However, their company-provided Asus laptops just didn't cut it when it came to portability and flexibility -- and it hurt their productivity. In response, the IT department supplied about a dozen high-level execs with Microsoft Surface Pro 3 and 4 devices. The tablet/PC hybrid devices run Windows 10 -- a must for Millar -- which relies heavily on Windows applications. The lightweight form factor, long battery life and removable keyboard were other strong factors in the decision, says Steven Powers, Millar's IT manager. "It works just as well as a normal desktop PC does," Powers says. "It's really a great device. It's smooth, it's quiet, it does what it needs to do. It's very efficient." Even in the office, the Surface Pros serve as complete PC replacements. The 12- and 12.3-inch screens of the Pro 3 and 4, respectively, are a tad small for execs when they're at their desks, so most use docking stations to connect to larger monitors ...

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