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June 2016, Vol. 2, No. 6

How to maximize IT staff for successful mobile projects

Everyone wants the best and most experienced team members for every mobile project, but that's not always feasible. Organizations need to take advantage of their IT team members' strengths, weaknesses and varying experience levels to achieve the greatest success possible. It takes the right team to spearhead the mobile app development process, which starts with identifying programming needs and investing in strong user experience designs. After forming this group, IT departments must figure out how to balance the needs of the business with their teams' often-limited resources. Despite the many ways mobile has altered the IT administration and end-user landscape, the fundamentals of organizational team building and project success remain the same. When determining how to assign IT staff to certain projects, there are a few important questions to ask: What mobile projects have they just completed, or what are they working on in parallel? Who needs help developing their own talent? What skills do people provide? Consider coding vs....

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