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July/August 2015 issue, Volume 1, Issue 5

Why HTML5 apps are ideal for enterprise mobility

In the past few years, there has been much talk of HTML5 as the future application platform for desktop and mobile apps. People often debate the merits of HTML5-powered apps versus native applications, but the ability to customize the interface and "write once, deploy anywhere" means that HTML5 can be ideal for employee-facing mobile apps. What is HTML5? HTML5 is a version of the HTML programming language that developers use to create Web pages. It's designed to avoid many of the add-on compatibility issues that plague older Web pages and browsers. For instance, HTML5 can render multimedia on its own without the need for extra browser plug-ins. HTML5 also has the advantage that it's an open standard all modern browsers support. There are slight variations among different browsers for very advanced features, but in general HTML5 doesn't have nearly as many issues as older HTML versions. HTML5 apps can go far beyond simple Web pages and function as complex client-server applications, as well as take advantage of local storage and ...

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