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July/August 2015 issue, Volume 1, Issue 5

What it means to have a mobile-first strategy

Many companies would like to think they're mobile first, but few really are. A mobile-first strategy is not as simple as giving employees phones, spending on mobile communications and implementing a bring your own device policy. That simply means you allow mobile devices. And it's not building an application and deploying it to mobile devices. That's just software deployment. A mobile-first mentality isn't about written documents or lines of code. It's an organizational attitude and approach that focuses on user needs and truly empowers employees. In a previous column, Brian Katz, whose place I'm humbled to be taking, wrote about the focus on user needs (FUN) principle. He couldn't have been more right about the importance of taking a user-centric approach to mobility. A mobile-first strategy means you design everything -- from infrastructure to applications -- around the idea of offering a consistently positive experience to every user, everywhere, every time, on every device. Focusing on user needs: That's what being a ...

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