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July/August 2015 issue, Volume 1, Issue 5

No mobile application developers? Turn to low-code tools

Hiring enterprise mobile application developers can be like trying to find a needle in a haystack. It takes significant resources, and when the proper apps aren't available to users, productivity suffers. Enterprise mobile apps -- and in turn, developers -- are in high demand as businesses hone their mobility strategies. Business processes that previously took hours or days can now take minutes thanks to mobile technology, and this can lead to more revenue. Sometimes, what's available in the app store isn't enough. And native development skills -- experience coding in Objective-C, Swift and Java -- are difficult to find, said Adam Bookman, co-founder and partner at Propelics, a mobile strategy and application development company in San Jose, Calif. Another problem is finding developers who haven't just tinkered with games or marketing applications, but actually have experience building enterprise apps. "While app developers don't need to be enterprise architects or Web services gurus, they do need to understand enterprise ...

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