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July/August 2015 issue, Volume 1, Issue 5

Drive mobile value by moving beyond basic apps

As enterprise mobility has matured, companies are starting to make more complex, business-critical apps work for mobile. And as IT delivers those apps to users, they're taking back application control with new tools and access protocols. Here, Nisha Sharma, managing director of Accenture Mobility, a technology consulting and services firm, explains how organizations can get true mobile value by balancing mobile app security with usability and what management challenges they still face. What does modern mobility mean to you? Moving beyond just basic email access and basic transactional applications to really transform the way we do our work. It's also not just about the devices; it's about including other digital technologies like social, analytics and cloud technologies too. Ultimately we want to do all of this in a secure but very user-friendly manner, because modern mobility is also about creating an amazing user experience for people. Nisha Sharma How will BYOD evolve? A lot of companies have been trying BYOD or looked at ...

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