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January 2017, Vol. 3, No. 1

Kony helps put the 'human' in Telstra's HR mobile app

The human resources call center at Telstra, an Australian telecommunications provider, used to field 100,000 questions a year from employees and contractors. One of the top three reasons people called or emailed was to ask about their timesheets. Today, the call center's volume is lower, and timesheet issues barely crack the top 10 reasons people reach out to HR. The reason: the MyHR mobile app, which Telstra built using Kony's mobile application development platform. It allows employees to submit timesheets, view pay stubs and request time off -- right from their smartphones. "We really got to the core of our employees' needs," said Melissa Dorey, digital innovation manager for HR at Telstra. "A previous history of HR technology is deploying technology that meets HR's needs. This is a true employee-first solution." Mobile sets the pace Telstra's human resources run on SAP, and the company originally provided employees with self-service access to that system through desktop computers. But many of Telstra's field workers, retail ...

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