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January 2017, Vol. 3, No. 1

At Southwest, iPads take flight with Stratix managed mobility services

Flight attendants in the United States are required to carry manuals that outline emergency procedures, provide the latest security warnings and contain other crucial information. That material changes constantly, making it a challenge to revise and update paper-based manuals. "About every other week, you're changing paper," said Ron Freer, senior manager of strategic inflight planning at Southwest Airlines. "It was cumbersome and clunky." The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) must approve all changes to flight attendant manuals, and the information must be consistent across all airlines. With so many moving parts -- and the complexity involved in printing, adding and removing paper pages -- the process can take anywhere from one to three weeks per revision, Freer said. But at Southwest, the process now takes hours because of the digitized manuals the airline deployed on Apple iPad mini tablets with help from managed mobility services provider Stratix Corp. Once changes to the manual receive FAA approval, Southwest pushes ...

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