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January 2016 issue, Volume 2, Issue 1

Use single sign-on technology to integrate mobile app access

The increasing use of mobile devices and cloud applications in the enterprise means more data is in transit -- and potentially at risk -- than ever before. Single sign-on technology and identity federation can help keep things secure. Protecting data on a server is hard enough. Protecting data in motion across mobile devices brings a whole new level of challenges. Strong cryptography can help increase mobile security, but unfortunately, enforcing passwords on employee-owned devices and third-party apps is difficult. Most medium-sized and large organizations have implemented identity and access management (IAM) platforms to control interactions with their enterprise applications and enable single sign-on (SSO), but those tools also come up short once users access corporate data from multiple devices and domains. Access control is not completely effective because many applications are moving to the cloud. Business software is becoming increasingly distributed, and the number of users needing to access applications from outside ...

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