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January 2016 issue, Volume 2, Issue 1

Mobile desktop as a service still isn't viable

The latest cloud-hosted desktop platforms can bring a Windows PC interface to any Internet-connected device, but while workspace as a service and desktop as a service providers spread their "any device, anywhere" messages, using a mobile device for desktop computing isn't as hot as it's made out to be. Sure, end users like the option of reaching into their pockets to review documents on their smartphones, but typically only in a pinch -- not as a permanent replacement for PCs, said David Johnson, senior analyst with Forrester Research. For instance, some companies have jumped on the mobile desktop bandwagon by handing out virtual desktop-enabled tablets to specific portions of their workforces, such as field sales reps, Johnson said. "We saw … mixed results," he added. "It presented these employees with a challenge if they needed frequent access to their Windows desktops or apps to do their jobs." It was especially challenging if users were working in areas with spotty cellular coverage or limited public Wi-Fi, or if the apps ...

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