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October 2016, Vol. 2, No. 9

State of HTML5 mobile app development in the enterprise

The onset of HTML5 mobile app development changed the way developers approach the process, but HTML5 is not the only game in town. Allen Williamson spends his days developing web apps for the University of Massachusetts Lowell, but -- perhaps surprisingly -- HTML5 isn't a huge part of that job. As a front-end developer, Williamson builds responsive web apps that students can access on their desktops or mobile devices. But to do so, he uses a wider set of technologies, including JavaScript and Cascading Style Sheets (CSS). There are a few things developers can do with HTML5 mobile app development that mean they don't need to rely on JavaScript and CSS, Williamson says, but JavaScript is still required for much of the web development process. "It's absolutely necessary to use HTML5," Williamson says. "It's just not a huge part of the development process." HTML5 refers to both the latest update to the HTML programming language itself and to all of the tool sets and features that allow developers to build apps for the web. It has ...

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