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July/August 2016 issue, Volume 2, Issue 7

Why IT needs mobile data analytics

Business is moving faster and faster, which means people need access to information and insights in near real time. A week's wait -- or even a day's -- may not be fast enough. Mobile data technology addresses one aspect of this issue by allowing people to take their data and apps with them everywhere they go. But simply providing a mobile app for a certain business process isn't the same as giving an employee the information they need to make decisions. This problem is about data, and it existed long before mobility. For a company's mobile efforts to be successful, it needs a solid storage, processing and mobile data analytics strategy, which could require new database tools. In the past, IT had to design databases in a specific way to help the business answer certain questions -- for example, how sales have changed in the past week. Now, the need for speed means IT's tasks must shift from after-the-fact reporting to real-time data stream processing. Organizations can process data in real time with traditional tools, but it ...

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