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July/August 2016 issue, Volume 2, Issue 7

Social collaboration tools open doors to productivity

Social collaboration tools can open up new lines of communication for employees, encourage participation and increase productivity. Unfortunately, some users are hesitant to dive into social collaboration because they don't fully understand its purpose, or they don't want to use yet another application. Dominic Namnath, CIO at Tri-Counties Regional Center, a non-profit based in Santa Barbara, Calif., explains how to show users the value of enterprise social collaboration. He also discusses the culture change it brings and its importance for mobile users. What does modern mobility mean to you? We are more efficient and effective in getting services to people that really need it. The advantages of contemporary tools versus older, legacy types of applications give us that flexibility so that our folks can be more creative and have more options to do their jobs. What benefits do enterprise social collaboration tools provide? Less meetings, faster decisions, the ability to participate, be heard -- all those kinds of things are ...

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