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July/August 2016 issue, Volume 2, Issue 7

Layered security is IT's best defense

Businesses need to protect themselves from different types of mobile threats -- not just the portability and connectivity of smartphones and tablets. Mobile devices have blown away the notion of a corporate network perimeter, but threats now extend much further than devices boundaries'. Vulnerabilities such as malware, direct attacks, data interception, exploitation and social engineering are evolving -- on endpoints in our hands, at our desks, on our networks and in our service providers' data centers. This reality is precisely why the concept of defense-in-depth -- the practice of implementing multiple security countermeasures, or layers, to protect data -- resonates. Defense in depth requires advanced security tools, particularly as organizations become more reliant on modern operating systems, applications and even Internet of Things devices. Implementing the best layered security model is no easy task, however. Device manufacturers such as Apple and Samsung have made tons of progress by adding important embedded security ...

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