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February 2016 issue, Volume 2, Issue 2

Unified endpoint management shows promise in early days

With today's trends of device proliferation, platform heterogeneity and cloud computing growth, it makes sense to use one platform to control as much of the end-user computing experience as possible. Enter unified endpoint management. Unified endpoint management is the process of configuring, controlling and securing mobile devices and traditional PC clients all from one platform. It's just beginning to emerge, and we have to consider the technology in the context of enterprise mobility management (EMM) offerings, because those tools are the natural building block for unified management and are still in their early days. IT departments want to consolidate their management tools, and vendors that offer EMM capabilities want to bring PC management into the fold to meet those needs. How unified endpoint management came to be Soon after Apple iOS and Google Android opened up to third-party mobile device management (MDM) software, it became apparent that managing mobile devices is quite different from managing desktops. Mobility ...

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  • IT shouldn't count out mobile Web apps

    by  Steve Damadeo

    Web apps are great for mass amounts of users, or employees that don't have a lot of storage space on their personal devices. But you won't get native application capabilities for the most part.

  • What EMM vendors need to do next

    by  Eric Klein

    Going forward, EMM vendors need to work more closely with partners and manufacturers to improve their offerings. Support for more devices will also be on the docket in the coming years.