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February 2016 issue, Volume 2, Issue 2

Three steps to a successful mobile initiative

It's 2016. The world is mobile. Most companies offer email access and a handful of other apps. But few have taken the plunge to become truly mobile enterprises, where employees can consume a majority of their companies' applications and services on their devices of choice. Why is getting there so hard? In the past, mobility was a second-class citizen. Devices didn't offer the processing power, screen size or input mechanisms to get real work done. But today, the lines between PCs and mobile devices have blurred. There are still differences between PC and mobile operating systems that require companies to write separate versions of applications for mobile use, but even this challenge will slowly fade away. At least one company, Microsoft, presents a vision in which developers can write once for the Universal Windows Platform and the applications run on all Windows 10 device types, including smartphones, tablets, PCs, XBox and HoloLens. What's really holding organizations back is that a successful mobile initiative requires ...

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  • IT shouldn't count out mobile Web apps

    by  Steve Damadeo

    Web apps are great for mass amounts of users, or employees that don't have a lot of storage space on their personal devices. But you won't get native application capabilities for the most part.

  • What EMM vendors need to do next

    by  Eric Klein

    Going forward, EMM vendors need to work more closely with partners and manufacturers to improve their offerings. Support for more devices will also be on the docket in the coming years.