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February 2016 issue, Volume 2, Issue 2

IT shouldn't count out mobile Web apps

Love them or hate them, Web apps are here to stay. Unlike native mobile apps, mobile Web apps run in an Internet browser and don't live on the endpoint device. In this age of "app-ification," where IT shops are trying to turn every business process into a native app for smartphones and tablets, it's almost strange that we even have Web apps. But there are plenty of ways to make Web apps useful for employees and customers. They work across any mobile platform, help overcome local device storage limitations and give IT free reign over deployment and update schedules. Got storage? Any application that's designed for a large amount of people is a great example of when to use mobile Web apps. Mobile storage is notoriously overpriced, and many users spend a lot of time managing the preciously small amount of storage on their phones. Web apps are helpful here because businesses can reach their customers easily without having to drop a storage payload onto their mobile devices. For enterprise developers, this approach would be ...

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  • IT shouldn't count out mobile Web apps

    by  Steve Damadeo

    Web apps are great for mass amounts of users, or employees that don't have a lot of storage space on their personal devices. But you won't get native application capabilities for the most part.

  • What EMM vendors need to do next

    by  Eric Klein

    Going forward, EMM vendors need to work more closely with partners and manufacturers to improve their offerings. Support for more devices will also be on the docket in the coming years.