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February 2016 issue, Volume 2, Issue 2

Enterprise wearables have a long way to go

Wearable devices have generated a lot of hype, but they still aren't ready for the enterprise. The reason: These devices still need better apps to make them valuable for business users. The cover story in this issue of Modern Mobility explores the state of enterprise wearables, assesses potential use cases and looks at the security challenges that still remain.

In a brand new column this month, analyst Maribel Lopez explains why IT shops need to take business objectives into account when planning mobile initiatives. Device Spotlight features Microsoft's foray into the laptop market with the Surface Book, and our Trending article digs into the latest on biometric authentication. And in this month's Q&A, end-user computing expert Matt Kosht explains why virtual mobile infrastructure and application refactoring are still niche technologies.

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  • IT shouldn't count out mobile Web apps

    by  Steve Damadeo

    Web apps are great for mass amounts of users, or employees that don't have a lot of storage space on their personal devices. But you won't get native application capabilities for the most part.

  • What EMM vendors need to do next

    by  Eric Klein

    Going forward, EMM vendors need to work more closely with partners and manufacturers to improve their offerings. Support for more devices will also be on the docket in the coming years.

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