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November/December 2016, Vol. 2, No. 10

Mobile browser security, compatibility should be top priorities

It's high time developers and IT paid attention to mobile browser security and platform support when deploying mobile web apps. Data usage on mobile devices has grown by more than 50% year over year for the last three years, and web browsing accounts for a significant share of that usage. Modern browsers also offer better stability, JavaScript performance and speed. Developers must tune their web apps to work across multiple browsers, and IT must then secure access to those web apps from users' browsers. The new app era Web apps are evolving into new hybrid apps that allow users to access them from a link without having to download anything from an app store, but that run on devices like native apps. Sometimes called progressive web apps, these apps can pre-render content in the browser, which speeds up page loading. In addition, major browser providers -- including Google, Microsoft and Mozilla -- continue to offer new APIs such as service worker and web push. These APIs allow web apps across multiple browsers to receive ...

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