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November/December 2016, Vol. 2, No. 10

Machine learning, IoT help collect contextual data from apps

Services that take advantage of machine learning and the internet of things to glean contextual data from apps are the future of mobility. At a recent conference, I spoke with executives from a large insurer and a packaged goods company. They both said mobile is becoming part of a larger, distributed computing environment in which the device is only one piece of the end user's experience. This shift requires organizations to use contextual data -- such as location, time of day and choice of app -- to gain insight and better support mobile users. The insurer's next wave of mobile services will be able to move seamlessly across multiple device types, from smartphones and PCs to connected homes and cars, because the company needs to provide contextual value-added services to customers everywhere. The goal is to move from mobile apps based on menus of product options to app navigation that's based on insights from all available customer data, such as transaction history, location and plan renewal dates. It plans to use machine ...

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