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April 2016 issue, Volume 2, Issue 4

Mobile microchip technology plays a major role in the future

First gaining steam in the mid-20th century, semiconductors and microchips have been around far longer than the mobile devices they power today. Their history includes formidable partnerships, innovations and key changes in direction. Daniel Nenni, founder of, a website forum for semiconductor professionals, explores that backstory in his recent book, Mobile Unleashed: The Origin and Evolution of ARM Processors in Our Devices. Here, Nenni discusses the role of major players in mobile, how chip systems and mobility go hand in hand, and what the future of processing power looks like. Download this podcast What does modern mobility mean to you? Nenni: Right now, it is an always-on situation. I have four children -- four millennials -- and I see how their mobility is. It is on 24/7. It is a critical part of our life. What was your reason for writing a book like this? Nenni: What we wanted to do is find out, when did this mobile stuff start? Because mobility is driving the semiconductor industry now; that's where the ...

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