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April 2016 issue, Volume 2, Issue 4

IBM mobility gets serious with two developing partnerships

Don't look now, but IBM is taking major steps in the enterprise mobility market -- with and without its marquee partner, Apple. The at-times underwhelming partnership between Big Blue and Apple picked up steam at the end of last year, when the companies finally reached their goal of creating 100 industry-specific iOS apps for businesses. Now they're building on that momentum with a plan to bring iOS development to the cloud. IBM has also teamed up with some of its competitors in a bid to simplify mobile application management (MAM). Swift uptake IBM's new support for Apple's Swift programming language on its platform as a service, Bluemix, is important for a few reasons. It will make it easier for existing Bluemix customers to try their hands at developing iOS apps. That's something several attendees at February's IBM InterConnect conference, where the companies announced the news, said they were looking forward to. Bluemix support for Swift will also make it possible for developers to create server-based apps, not just native ...

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