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April 2016 issue, Volume 2, Issue 4

Bring IT infrastructure admins along for the mobile ride

When people think of mobility, their first thoughts immediately go to devices and applications. Rarely do people talk about the infrastructure to support mobile access. Organizations need to prepare their IT infrastructures for the mobile era, and a big part of that is preparing the people who manage those infrastructures. IT infrastructure admin staff historically has a series of very unenviable (and sometimes contradictory) tasks: create and operate a robust infrastructure that provides fast access to everyone, everywhere; don't ever let something fail; and run that infrastructure cheaply. Many organizations have met these mandates by creating large data centers. They have invested significant time and effort into "server hugging" -- the practice of creating and maintaining large-scale infrastructure and doing everything possible to protect these investments. Here's the problem with that: It simply doesn't work with mobile. Sadly, there are IT infrastructure admins who don't know the first thing about mobility. The more ...

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