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July 2013, Volume 2, Number 7

How the evolution of the workplace is changing endpoint management

Back when the office was contained within four walls and employees only had a single computing device that never left the building, endpoint management was fairly simple. Endpoint devices -- basically users’ PCs -- needed to comply with specific criteria before users were granted access to network resources. Endpoint management Part 1: How the evolution of the workplace is changing endpoint management Part 2: How changing desktop access helps improve endpoint management Part 3: The future of mobile endpoint management: Devices won't matter But there’s no longer just one endpoint per employee. What used to just be a single corporate-provided Windows PC to access data and applications has ballooned into complicated mess of ownership scenarios and different operating systems. Now, users might have any combination of the following to do their jobs: a Windows PC provided by the organization, a personal Apple computer at home, and a smartphone or tablet. The evolution of endpoint management, then, is really the story of the evolution ...

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