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April 2014, Volume 3, Issue 4

Employee mobility shifts IT's focus to data security and delivery

The increase in employee mobility means that modern workers need modern tools to stay productive, but with workers supplying more of those tools themselves, IT's role has changed. It's not as simple as providing desktops, landline phones and printers anymore. Because of the consumerization of IT, what modern workers need from IT has changed from desktops and laptops to security and network capabilities that can help them be productive on a wide range of mobile devices. The change is similar to how a public works department deals with municipal infrastructure, said Bill Hill, lead technical systems analyst at a logistics company in Portland, Ore. For years, IT had the backhoe, laying the pipes and connecting the water and sewer systems. Now, when IT wants to move the water in a different direction, the enterprise doesn't mind, because it already has the tools it needs. "As long as there's water and you get it here, that's cool," Hill said. "Just make sure it's always on." IT experts say the days of dropping a desktop in front of ...

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