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April 2014, Volume 3, Issue 4

Ditching command-and-control policies can help IT cope with mobility

Enterprise IT plays a very different role today than it did before mobile devices came along, and IT admins would do well to avoid controlling policies if they want to best meet their organization's goals. There have been many significant moments over the past 20 to 30 years, but IT insiders agree that the arrival of Apple Inc.'s first iPhone in 2007 changed the IT game forever. Suddenly, workers could carry a device in their hands that allowed them to do work anytime, anywhere—and there were little to no controls available to IT at the time. The increase in employee mobility Part 1: Employee mobility shifts IT's focus to data security and delivery Part 2: Ditching command-and-control policies can help IT cope with mobility "The iPhone came out of the box, and it was a giant middle finger to corporate IT," said Matt Kosht, an IT director at an Alaskan utility company. "It wasn't until a little later that we could at least use ActiveSync to wipe the device." As years passed, IT has been able to swing the pendulum back in its ...

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