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February 2013/ Volume 2, Issue 2

Getting the most out of your enterprise mobility program

Enterprise mobility is a worthwhile goal. End users, armed with the latest smartphones and tablets, want it. And business leaders want it too: Various studies have shown that employees with mobile devices typically put in an additional 20-plus hours per week working off-hours when they would otherwise be kicking back. Take control of enterprise mobility Part 1: Getting the most out of your enterprise mobility program Part 2: Deciphering the alphabet soup of mobile device security products Part 3: Enterprise mobility and BYOD cost challenges plague organizations But ask any IT pro about their enterprise mobility program, and you get the distinct impression that things aren't going very well. Sometimes it seems like the rising use of Apple’s iOS devices and Google's Android devices by employees is disrupting IT departments like no other technology trend before it. To this day, many IT organizations are hopelessly behind the times, forbidding employees from doing the most rudimentary tasks, such as checking work email from a ...

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