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February 2013/ Volume 2, Issue 2

Deciphering the alphabet soup of mobile device security products

When developing an enterprise mobility program, an organization needs to determine the appropriate level of security, evaluate how workers use their mobile devices and make sure the proper infrastructure is in place. Vendors push an alphabet soup of mobile device security products they say are necessary --MDM (mobile device management), MAM (mobile application management), MIM (mobile information management), IAM (identity access management) and NAC (network access control), for example -- but depending on a variety of organizational factors, it could be overkill to deploy any or all of those products, said Chris Hazelton, a mobile analyst at 451 Research, an enterprise research firm based in Boston, Mass. A combination of management techniques, whether it's on the device level or at the application and information level, is necessary for supporting mobile devices, Hazelton said, but the chosen management product depends on the unique factors of the organization. Take control of enterprise mobility Part 1: Getting the most out ...

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