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October 2013, Volume 2, Number 9

Waiting for real Office for iOS? Don't bother

It only took about five minutes after the initial release of the iPad in 2010 before people started asking, "Hey, I wonder when Microsoft will release Office for this thing?" Back then, there weren't many apps and the iPad was unproven. Three years and 150 million iPads later, we get plenty of work done on our iPads, and leave our laptops at home. Many IT departments still believe that there’s one thing missing from the iPad world: the “real” version of Microsoft Office for iOS from the Microsoft Corporation. IT pros say that there are plenty of third-party document, spreadsheet and presentation editing apps available, but only with the official version of Office will the iPad be able to seriously integrate into enterprise workflows. The waiting finally ended in June when Microsoft announced the official Microsoft Office for iPod and iPhone. The IT world was overjoyed -- for about 10 minutes. Then we all read the fine print and realized that the product is severely limited. It’s only for iPod and iPhone (not iPad or any version ...

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