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May 2013, Volume 2, Number 5

Get to know SoMoClo: Social, mobile and cloud technologies

Traditional enterprise computing involves one-to-one communication, on-premises software and PCs tied to desks. The current wave of social, mobile and cloud technologies has exposed users to a new way of working and has even spawned a buzzword that combines the terms: SoMoClo. SoMoClo refers to a more distributed way of computing than most businesses are used to. Information is stored in more places, accessed from more endpoints and shared with more people, all in an effort to increase productivity and efficiency. This trend represents a shift away from the client/server model, in which workers relied solely on their employers to provide them with the technology required to do their jobs. IT departments preinstalled software on computers, gave new ones to employees every three years and managed them with Group Policy and Active Directory. On the back end, servers in corporate data centers ran all of the company’s applications and stored all of its data. More and more, however, employees are adopting technology from other sources...

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