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October 2009, Vol. 3

Exchange Server 2007's tools for securing mobile environments

Mobile devices extend the limits of traditional workspaces, but they also expose the enterprise to increased risks. Leveraging Exchange Server 2007's mobile security tools can protect your enterprise. Most North American enterprises favor BlackBerry Enterprise Server (BES) to manage and secure Research In Motion (RIM) device access to Exchange Server. Since the release of Exchange Server 2003 and Exchange ActiveSync (EAS) technology, many organizations support a mix of third-party mobile solutions (BES, Good Link, etc.) with EAS -- or they have entirely converted over to devices that natively support EAS. A growing number of smartphones on the market can leverage EAS. Some cell phone providers are using other technologies to access corporate email systems for phones that don't support EAS. Organizations don't have to standardize support for one mobile device solution, but they all must understand that allowing mobile devices to access their corporate email systems is a serious security risk. While support for mobile access ...

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  • Exchange Server 2007's tools for securing mobile environments

    by  Richard Luckett

    Protect your Exchange Server 2007 organization from mobile device security threats by defining and configuring enterprise-wide Exchange ActiveSync Polices.

  • Three hardware don'ts when optimizing Exchange Server performance

    If you want to optimize Microsoft Exchange Server performance, start at the server hardware level. What is the best hardware setup for Microsoft Exchange? How much memory do your Exchange servers require? Should you trust your hardware vendor? There are plenty of Exchange Server performance tips and best practices, but here are three things you should never do in order to keep your Exchange servers running in peak condition.

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