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April 2017, Vol. 1, No. 2

Mobile infrastructure holds the keys to the data access kingdom

Most organizations provide their employees with mobile access to data, shifting focus from device management to application management, development and security. But what about the mobile infrastructure needed to support this access? How should it evolve as networks get speedier and mobile app uses continue to expand? What third-party software is required to support your workforce? About four in 10 businesses use enterprise mobility management to streamline app deployment, according to VDC Research. What drives real productivity, however, are the back-end software and services. Companies should take a fresh look at the mobile infrastructure that allows them to provide email, remote access, collaboration and more to users. Email Considering that email is tightly integrated into many business processes, it is critical to ensure that mobile users have fast, secure and ready access. Over time, more devices will connect to application databases and email servers; IT should evaluate its hardware and software to ensure that they have ...

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