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April 2017, Vol. 1, No. 2

How mobile threat detection tools spot incoming attacks

There are a wide variety of third-party mobile threat detection products that can address the mobile security concerns that most companies have. The mobile security landscape is relatively safe. As a result, most corporate security measures comprise typical enterprise mobility management (EMM) configurations, such as encryption, VPNs, passcodes, remote wipe commands, data-sharing controls and ensuring that devices aren''t rooted or jailbroken. Mobile threat detection tools differ in that they are designed to actively discover security issues. There are three typical approaches that these products may use individually or in combination: Ensuring device integrity. On-device agents can monitor the integrity of the device by probing as many APIs and aspects of the device as possible, looking for any changes of state, configuration or behavior that may indicate a compromise. Network monitoring. An agent app can actively send and receive traffic, monitoring for signs of network-based attacks. App scanning. An agent app or mobile ...

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