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June 2017, Vol. 1, No. 4

Enterprise app stores improve mobile app discovery, provisioning

At their core, enterprise app stores are just another way for users to install or launch apps -- something that has been happening for years. But they are also an example of the powerful effects that consumerization still has on IT, and an opportunity to make processes more efficient and user-friendly. Provisioning applications used to be a long process. Users submitted a help desk ticket and then waited hours or even days to get access. In the worst cases, they had to wait for an IT admin to come to their desk and physically install software on their computer. App launcher interfaces, self-service portals and approval workflows have been a part of application management products for decades. The emergence of consumer mobility late last decade introduced the app store concept as we know it. Thanks to the Apple App Store and Google Play, users became accustomed to a friendly interface with icons, search, reviews and a large selection. Most importantly, users could download and begin using any of these apps immediately. Soon ...

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