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October 2017, Vol. 1, No. 7

What are the biggest mobile device security threats?

With the rise of mobile devices in business, IT departments also need to reassess the risks involved. Mobile device security threats are evolving, with new hazards apparent every day and new measures IT must take to address them. Four IT professionals offer their insight about the biggest mobile device security threats today. Tim Riegler systems engineering manager, Cherry Health The biggest mobile security risk we have today is rooted devices: iPhones, Android phones. Once you do that, there is no guarantee of a secure ecosystem, specifically around Apple devices. But even with the stuff like Samsung Knox, once you root [the device], then you can get around the Knox stuff. Now you are looking at a personal device used for corporate, or a corporate-owned device, that is [not secure]. Kevin Beaver information security consultant, Principle Logic Kevin Beaver Shadow IT is creating problems. IT and security are basically out of the loop, and unfortunately users are making their own decisions. You need to set users' expectations ...

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